General Dentistry in Southlake, TX

General Dentistry Services in Southlake, TX

Dental Assistants at Huckabee Dental who provide support for the menu of general dentistry services. More than 70% of adults in the United States have some form of gum disease, but they don’t even know it. At Huckabee Dental, we help our patients reduce the risk to their teeth with our high quality preventive  and general dentistry services.

We don’t just help our patients save their smiles — we’re also fighting against problems like heart disease, stroke, and infertility, and against compromised immunity. Your oral health is a symptom of your overall health, and can affect the rest of your body.

Athletic Mouth Guards

If you or your child are involved in any type of sports, wearing a custom fitted athletic mouth guard is one of your best pieces of insurance. Not only does it protect teeth, it also reduces the risk of concussion.

TMJ Treatment

Experiencing jaw pain, headaches or facial soreness? Protect your smile against excessive wear caused by jaw clenching and grinding by talking to our Southlake dentist about general dentistry treatment options.

Tooth Extractions

Extracting a tooth is a last resort, but sometimes it is necessary. Badly infected teeth can jeopardize the health of their neighbors. Fortunately, we can help!

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The best time to have wisdom teeth removed is during a patient's late teenage years or early 20s. These immature wisdom teeth are smaller, so surgery is less complicated and potentially less painful.

If a patient’s wisdom teeth have not started to erupt, we will use x-ray imaging to locate them and determine if it’s appropriate to have them removed. At Huckabee Dental, we’re proud to offer all dental services under one roof, so patients don’t need to be referred out to an oral surgeon for general dentistry procedures.

Dental Sealants

Image of dental mirror examining some teeth as part of general dentistry services at Huckabee Dental in Southlake, TX.Seal off deep grooves in the molars that are vulnerable to tooth decay with this inexpensive and effective preventive treatment. Dental sealants guard against cavities by forming a “shield” over the enamel of your tooth, keeping out bacteria and acids.

Be sure to ask about pediatric dental sealants at your child’s next appointment.

Fluoride Applications

The application of fluoride as a general dentistry procedure helps strengthen teeth. Fluoride can remineralize weak areas of tooth enamel, keeping them resilient against bacteria.

Desensitizing Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

At Huckabee Dental, we know that teeth can often be sensitive to heat, cold and other stimuli. That’s why we use a special paste to treat tooth sensitivity that works immediately. We recommend our patients who are suffering with tooth sensitivity come back every three months for a touch up!

Professional Teeth Cleanings (Dental Prophylaxis)

Dental prophylaxis is a cleaning procedure that thoroughly cleans the teeth. It is an important preventive measure to help stop the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease. At Huckabee Dental, we generally recommend our patients receive this type of procedure twice a year.

Oral Cancer Screening

Tobacco users aren’t the only ones who should be concerned about oral cancer. Unfortunately, oral cancer seems to be on the rise. That’s why at Huckabee Dental, we provide oral cancer screenings as part of a preventive checkup to all of our patients over the age of 18.

Halitosis Treatment

Chronic halitosis is a common problem with more than 50 million people suffering in the United States alone.

Common halitosis remedies like mouthwashes and breath mints are often sufficient to mask the symptoms, but if you’re concerned about the root cause or if over the counter treatments aren’t working anymore, schedule an appointment with Huckabee Dental to discuss your treatment options.

Laser Dentistry

Our practice utilizes advanced laser dentistry for a variety of routine and special procedures. Laser dentistry treatment is minimally invasive, extremely precise, and generally results in faster healing times for our Southlake patients.

Digital X-rays

Our practice uses digital x-rays during general dentistry procedures to produce enhanced computer images of our patients' teeth, gums, and other oral structures and conditions. Digital x-rays are key to early detection and effective treatment of dental problems.

CT Scanning

Image of an iTero Intraoral Scanner used to aid in general dentistry services at Huckabee Dental in Southlake, TX.CT scanning provides the doctors at Huckabee Dental with extremely accurate digital replicas of your oral anatomy, which prove especially useful when planning for dental implants, root canals, or wisdom teeth treatments.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

Using an iTero scanner, your orthodontist at Huckabee Dental can take a highly accurate digital impression of your teeth and jaw. This new technology completely eliminates the outdated tray and putty impression technique.

The iTero scanner can ensure a more accurate impression, which results in improved treatment overall. These digital impressions also give our doctors the ability to see teeth instantly in 3D, giving them the ability to better discuss treatment options with every patient.

Are you looking for an emergency dentist? Tooth pain can be excruciating and can interfere with every aspect of your life. Sleeping, working, or concentrating on everyday tasks can be impossible when emergency dental problems are causing constant pain.

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