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Our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Tom Draper, is an important asset to our team at Huckabee Dental. He provides several smile-restoring services, including tooth extractions, bone grafting for dental implant placement, and wisdom tooth extractions. We also have a medical anesthesiologist who will assist in making your oral surgery in Southlake, TX as comfortable as possible.

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Woman pointing to smile before tooth extraction

Our team at Huckabee Dental wants you to be able to enjoy a healthy and natural smile for the rest of your life, but in some cases, that may require removing a severely damaged or decayed tooth to protect the rest of your smile. Dr. Draper can seamlessly remove a tooth and replace it with a customized restoration, like an implant-retained crown, to make your smile feel and look like new again.


Animated smile after bone grafting

Some patients who have sustained tooth loss for a long period of time can face jawbone deterioration that prevents them from restoring their smile with dental implants. Because the implants need to fuse with your bone, they require substantial support that may not be there if the structure has eroded. Dr. Draper can conduct a bone graft to replace missing bone in that area and provide you with a strong and stable foundation to support your implants. 

Wisdom Tooth

X-ray of smile with wisdom teeth that need to be extracted

Wisdom teeth get their names because they grow in between the ages of 15 and 25. Some people have no wisdom teeth, while others can have one, two, three, or four of them. If we notice that they’re impacted below the gumline or could put you at-risk of developing an infection, orthodontic issues, or other problems down the road, then we may recommend removing them to preserve your oral health.

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