All-on-4 — Southlake, TX

Streamlined Full-Arch Tooth Replacement

Dental implants act as substitute tooth roots. But does that mean you need an implant for each missing tooth? Not necessarily. Huckabee Dental is proud to offer All-on-4 in Southlake. This streamlined dental implant treatment can replace a full arch of lost teeth with just four strategically placed implants. Plus, we can often perform extractions, place dental implants, and provide a temporary set of new teeth all in a single appointment! Read on below to learn more about this remarkable technique, and contact us when you are ready to schedule a consultation with our highly skilled team.

How Do All-on-4 Implants Work?

Illustration of All-on-4 in Southlake for upper and lower dental arches

Dental implants in Southlake are the best form of tooth replacement. However, in order for them to thrive, they require that a patient has a strong and thick jawbone. For that reason, some individuals are not candidates for traditional implant placement methods. All-on-4 is different. The implants are inserted at the back and front of the jawbone, in areas where it is naturally strong and thick. This reduces the chances that a patient will require a bone graft. Once the implants are in place, a provisional (temporary) denture is secured on top of them. After a healing period, the provisional denture is replaced with a permanent one.

Am I a Candidate for All-on-4 Implants?

Smiling, mature man — a possible candidate for All-on-4

You may be a candidate for All-on-4 if:

  • You have lost all or most of your teeth throughout a dental arch.
  • You are healthy enough to undergo minor surgery.
  • You are free of active gum disease.
  • Your jawbone is strong enough to support dental implants — most patients meet this criterion, even without a bone graft.

The vast majority of adults with missing teeth qualify for dental implants, either right away or after some preliminary procedures. During your consultation, your implant dentist in Southlake will be able to let you know for sure whether All-on-4 is a fit for you.

What Are the Benefits of All-on-4 Implants?

Beautiful older woman, enjoying the benefits of All-on-4 tooth replacement

Some benefits of All-on-4 include:

  • All-on-4 dentures are permanently fixed in the mouth, so you can care for them similarly to how you would care for natural teeth.
  • They provide a strong bite force that can allow you to enjoy a wide variety of foods.
  • The dentures are carefully designed to look and feel as natural as possible.
  • The implants can stimulate your jawbone, helping to keep it strong and whole.
  • The streamlined treatment process allows you to start enjoying a renewed smile as soon as possible.

All-on-4 vs. Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional implant, abutment, and crown against gray background

All-on-4 usually requires just one surgery, whereas traditional implants typically require two or more. Additionally, rather than necessitating a healing period between implant placement and restoration, All-on-4 allows you to get a set of prosthetic teeth immediately after the implant surgery. The streamlined nature of All-on-4 may make it more affordable than traditional full-mouth dental implants

Of course, traditional implants are preferrable in some circumstances. For example, placing more implants may be able to provide your denture with the strongest base of support possible.

Your dentist will help you decide which implant treatment is best for you.