Emergency Dentistry – Southlake, TX

Fast Emergency Dental Care
When You Need It

Dental emergencies are difficult to deal with because they occur when you least expect them to. The best way to be prepared for them is to have the phone number of your emergency dentist in Southlake on-hand. If you find yourself in the midst of dealing with a knocked-out tooth, severe toothache, or any other oral issues, don’t hesitate to call our team immediately, so we can get you the timely care you deserve when you visit us for emergency dentistry in Southlake, TX.

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How to Handle Common
Dental Emergencies

The first step you should always take if you’re in the middle of a dental emergency is to contact our dental office. We’ll walk you through first-aid steps and schedule an appointment for you on the same day that you call, so you won’t have to sit and wait in pain. Below, we’ve also outlined some tips and advice on how to minimize your discomfort and risk of additional damage until you reach our dental office.


Woman with toothache before emergency dentistry visit

Toothaches are often signs of dental infections that have developed beneath the enamel of your tooth, within the inner chamber. To help ease the pain, you can take an over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen.

Chipped/Broken Tooth

Man looking at smile with chipped or broken tooth

If you’re able to find the chipped-off portion of your tooth, pick it up, rinse it off, and bring it with you to your appointment. If the damage has created a jagged edge, you can place a piece of orthodontic wax over the area to keep it from irritating or scraping the inside of your cheek or lip.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Woman with knocked out tooth covering her mouth

Time is of the essence, so quickly retrieve your tooth, being sure to only handle it by the biting surface, and gently rinse it under a cool stream of water. Store it in a sealable container of milk or salt water and bring it with you to your appointment.

Lost Filling/Crown

Woman with lost dental crown holding cheek in pain

If you’re able to find your dental restoration, pick it up and rinse it off. You can temporarily place it back on your tooth using a dab of denture adhesive or toothpaste. However, in order to prevent an infection from developing, you’ll need to have your filling or crown professionally repaired or replaced.

Preventing Dental

Mother and child brushign teeth to prevent dental emergencies

While it’s impossible to completely prevent a dental emergency from occurring, there are some ways that you can reduce your risk of experiencing one, including:

  • Visit us every six months for your checkups and cleanings
  • Maintain a well-balanced diet and stay hydrated with water
  • Stick to a thorough at-home oral hygiene routine
  • Avoid chewing on excessively sticky or chewy foods
  • Protect your teeth from grinding or while playing sports
  • Never use your teeth to open a bottle, package, or anything else

The Cost of Dental

Mother and child discussing the cost of dental emergencies with dentistry team member

The cost of your emergency dental visit depends on a variety of factors, including what type of treatment you require, whether you need dental sedation, and if you need a follow-up appointment. We recommend that patients visit us as soon as they experience any unexpected oral discomfort, because the longer you wait to have an issue treated, the more damage it could cause.


Model of inside of healthy tooth and tooth in need of root canal therapy

Root canals are one of the most feared dental treatments, but the rumors that circulate about this procedure aren’t necessarily true. The pain associated with root canal therapy is really caused by the toothache that results from a dental infection. Once patients have been treated, their pain goes away, and they’re able to enjoy their natural tooth for years to come. Additionally, our team will ensure that you remain comfortable during your procedure by numbing the area and offering dental sedation.