Porcelain Veneers – Southlake, TX

Transform Your Smile
with a Single Treatment

Veneers are a one-stop-shop treatment that can address a wide array of cosmetic flaws in two, simple appointments, with one treatment plan. Whether you have two damaged or discolored teeth that you’d like to repair, or you want to revamp your entire smile, this versatile cosmetic procedure can help you get the phenomenal smile you want. To learn whether veneers in Southlake are right for you, call our dental office to schedule a consultation today! Request a FREE Video Consult Today

What are
Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers themselves are thin, durable shells that can be crafted from ceramic or porcelain and fitted over the visible surface of your teeth to conceal flaws. The imperfections that can be addressed with this treatment include slight misalignment or crowding, chips or damage, or severe discoloration. Once they’re cemented onto your prepared teeth, your smile will appear symmetrical, bright, and even. 

Benefits of
Porcelain Veneers

Smile compared to porcelain veneer shade options

Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic treatment because they offer a wide array of benefits, including:

Understanding the Cost of Veneers

Hands holding tooth and coins representing cost of veneers in Southlake

Porcelain veneers in Southlake can transform your smile with a single treatment. If you’re interested in this popular cosmetic treatment, you’re likely wondering about how much you can expect to pay. The truth is that the cost can vary from patient to patient depending on several different factors. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have any idea about the price of your new smile until the time comes to pay for it! We’ll give you a custom estimate during your consultation. In the meantime, keep reading for more information about the cost of veneers in Southlake.

Cost VS Cosmetic Dentistry: What’s Right for Me?

Dentist and patient discussing how to pay for veneers in Southlake

While veneers are one of our most popular services, it’s important to keep in mind that there are plenty of cosmetic treatments to choose from. We’re proud to offer a variety of cosmetic services at different price points to help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for with your smile. Many other cosmetic treatments have a lower price tag than veneers, but they also don’t offer the same stunning, comprehensive results! Let’s review how the cost of other cosmetic procedures compares to that of veneers:

How to Make Veneers Affordable

Receptionist and patient discussing how to make veneers affordable in Southlake

As a medically unnecessary cosmetic treatment, veneers are not typically covered by dental insurance. However, that doesn’t mean that your dream smile is out of reach! In addition to our FREE cosmetic consultation, you can save money on all sorts of treatments with discounts through our in-house membership plan. What’s more, we offer flexible financing through CareCredit to break up the cost of your veneers into monthly installments.

Veneers FAQs

Woman with veneers in Southlake

When opting for veneers, you can trust that our team at Huckabee Dental will produce beautiful, natural results. This exciting venture will lead you to feel more confident in your appearance and ability to smile when surrounded by peers, family, and friends. And while you look forward to the positive changes this cosmetic treatment brings, you probably have several questions about the process and what life will be like once your veneers are in place. This is why our team is here to answer your questions and provide as much clarity as possible.

Can you whiten veneers?

No, it is impossible to whiten veneers. The reason is that they are not made of the same porous material and natural tooth enamel. They cannot absorb stains like normal teeth, which is a good thing. However, what you need to be aware of is that should staining occur over time, the only way to fix it is to have them re-shaded or replaced. This is why it’s not uncommon for a cosmetic dentist to recommend teeth whitening before receiving veneers.

By pursuing professional teeth whitening, you ensure that all of your visible teeth are the same color. When receiving your veneers, their shade will match your newer, brighter smile.

What happens to teeth underneath veneers?

Many fall victim to the misconception that veneers prevent tooth decay and cavities. This is simply not true. Veneers only cover the front surfaces of teeth, leaving the backsides exposed. As a result, it is possible to develop tooth decay and cavities while wearing veneers. This is why we strongly recommend that you maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are essential if you want to keep your veneers in place as long as possible.

Should you develop a serious oral health problem while wearing your customized restorations, you’ll be at risk of spending more money to have them removed before undergoing treatment to fix the problem. You’ll then need to have them replaced, as veneers are considered a semi-permanent cosmetic solution.

Can I drink coffee with veneers?

You do have the option to drink coffee while wearing your veneers, but it is strongly recommended that you do it in moderation. Daily coffee drinking or sipping on it throughout the day is discouraged simply because your veneers can become discolored over time. Although not as likely to stain as real teeth, they are susceptible if exposed too often.

If you need to have your morning cup of coffee, use a straw, as this will limit the amount of exposure between your veneers and the dark-colored liquid.

Will dental insurance cover veneer treatment?

It is highly unlikely that your dental insurance company will agree to cover your veneer treatment. Because it is deemed a cosmetic procedure, they will not view it as medically necessary, so they’ll refuse to pay. However, there are alternative options to make veneers affordable. At Huckabee Dental, we offer flexible financing through CareCredit and an in-house membership plan that grants discounts on available services to eligible members.